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Read below some of the features and options we have to offer

Reasons to use AUI for your next web development project

No Designer Required

Forever exclude designers from the project development flow

Using our Bootstrap admin themes and templates even developers with no design sense will be able to create functional, good looking backend user interfaces.

MVP Wireframes

Quickly iterate minimum viable products wireframes

Use the AgileUI templates you will be able to quickly iterate and develop gorgeous user interfaces that you could show to a next potentially investor.

No More Lost Time

Finish your next project 30% faster and 40% cheaper

Time is the most precious thing we have. Let's not waste yours, let's remove the design related headaches and focus on the backend development.

Earn some money faster

Implementing AUI themes for your clients will always be good for business

Stop developing projects from scratch. Using any of our user interface themes, you will take a lot of hassle out of the equation.

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AUI Features Highlights

Everything is nicely put together

We've tried to put together as many features and options as possible without bloating the code base and performance indicators.

Extensive Forms Plugins

Extensive forms components are included in all HTML templates we're offering on AgileUI. You'll find perfectly integrated custom select boxes, forms layouts, color coded checkboxes/radios and many other useful jquery widgets.

Multiple UI Components

All AUI admin templates are packed with pricing tables, photo galleries, email center, FAQ section, timeline, chat box, invoices, blog posts, off-canvas sidebars and many more.

Charts Dashboard UI

We thought about administration dashboards, so we added a lot of components that allow you to show all kind of statistics and chat flow boxes.

Unique Layouts

All our admin themes have an unique template layout that utilises your screen real estate to the maximum.

Multiple Color Schemes

Multiple colors schemes are available in each admin template. You can also easily create new ones by making changes in just one CSS file. This is great for developers who implement custom solutions for their customers.

Responsive Design Templates

Responsive design is seamlessly integrated in all our bootstrap powered admin templates. We tried to optimise as much as possible the mobile user experience to help you create the most usable and best looking apps.

Advanced Tables

In all AUI themes and templates you will find tables that have a lot of options and features, from Javascript sorting to responsive headers and columns.

AgileUI Themes Components

All AgileUI themes and templates come packed with an extensive components framework, featuring over 170 handpicked, curated Bootstrap, jQuery and jQueryUI widgets and plugins.

Before making it's way into our admin themes framework, each component has been thoroughly tested to make sure it integrated perfectly into each themes style and assets architecture.

Full list of components See a detailed list of all the widgets & plugins available
AgileUI Themes Components
AgileUI Frontend Templates

AgileUI Frontend Templates

When we say that we're offering a complete 'enterprise level' solution we mean it. Don't build only admin dashboard panels for your mobile or web applications!

As a bonus, each AgileUI theme comes with an extensive front-end solution that will help you quickly build personal or corporate presentation websites. You'll be able to offer a complete development solution to your customers.

Frontend templates details Read more about the included frontend features

The AUI Framework

All AUI themes have a common codebase that helps us keep all widgets, components and plugins up to date with the latest versions. This translates into better quality templates and easier customer deployment.

AUI Bootstrap Framework Read more about our themes framework
AgileUI Themes Components
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