The AUI Admin Framework

Easy to customize

Because of it's modular architecture, you can easily add or remove unneeded features.

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Based on Bootstrap 3.3

We release regular updates to make sure all Bootstrap and jQuery components are up to date.

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Responsive & Mobile Layouts

AUI and its themes were designed using the latest responsive design techniques.

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Extensive documentation

AUI has a comprehensive support section featuring guides and documentations.

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Easy to customize

Each widget has its own directory under /assets/widgets/ which makes things very organized and easy to use or modify. For example, you can exclude a widget that you'll not use just by removing a folder from the assets directory and a line of code from the markup.

Themes have their own /themes/ directory in which you could easily create a new theme without deleting the old one. Another useful thing is that there are different CSS files for the color schemes used for elements and the actual user interface.

  • Modular assets architecture
  • Grunt automations
  • Development & production assets
  • Color schemes can be easily modified
  • Separate files for components and interfaces color styles
Easy to customize
Based on Bootstrap 3.3

Based on Bootstrap 3.3

The AUI themes are powered by the latest versions of Bootstrap (v3.3.2), jQuery and all other widgets & plugins included.

We make weekly checks to see if any of the components included have been updated by their developers. It's very important to us to keep things up to date with the latest versions. Also, we hope to developer an automatic update feature that will be available in your user account.

  • Source code examples
  • Tutorials on how to work with the AUI core
  • Styling guides for creating new color schemes
  • Contact forms for new features requests and bug reports
  • Free community support forums

Extensive documentation

We know how important it is to keep things simple and to have them well documented. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, when we added a new feature to the AUI framework core we immediately created the documentation for it.

The AUI documentation includes code example snippets for all components included and also tutorials and guide to get you working on your AUI based project as soon as possible and without headaches.

  • Source code examples
  • Tutorials on how to work with the AUI core
  • Styling guides for creating new color schemes
  • Contact forms for new features requests and bug reports
  • Free community support forums
Extensive documentation
AUI displays beautifully on all major browsers

AUI displays beautifully on all major devices & browsers

Because AUI is used to build all kind of web applications we created all our themes with responsive design in mind.

AUI displays beautifully on all major devices


All our themes come packed with over 137 hand-picked, documented, integrated components

We're always working on finding and including in our UI framework the best and most useful widgets & plugins.

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Full list of components


  • Carousels
  • Slideshows
  • Portfolios
  • Hero sections
  • Page titles
  • Testimonials
  • Icon boxes
  • Pricing tables
  • Footers
  • Headers


  • Regular content boxes
  • Action boxes
  • Panels
  • Dashboard boxes
  • Chart panels
  • Meta boxes
  • Scrollable boxes
  • Social boxes
  • Tile boxes


  • Page transitions
  • Animations
  • Spacing helpers
  • Typography helpers
  • Resets

File uploaders

  • Dropzone uploader
  • Multi upload

Forms & Editors

  • Colorpicker
  • jQueryUI datepicker
  • Bootstrap datepicker
  • Form layouts
  • Custom styled inputs
  • Chosen select boxes
  • Input switches
  • Custom multiselects
  • Resizable textareas
  • Autocomplete
  • Spinner
  • Input groups
  • Input icons
  • Timepicker
  • Sliders
  • Parsley validation
  • Image crop
  • Input masks
  • Input knobs
  • Wizard
  • WYSIWYG editors


  • Calendar
  • Mailbox
  • Chat
  • Checklist
  • Timeline

Data wrappers

  • Dynamic tables
  • Plain tables


  • Fontawesome icons
  • Sky icons
  • Elusive icons
  • Iconic icons
  • Linecons icons
  • Meteocons icons
  • Tyicons icons
  • Spinner icons

Core elements

  • Buttons
  • Badges
  • Labels
  • Images
  • Ribbons

Data visualization

  • justGage charts
  • Morris charts
  • PieGage charts
  • Sparklines
  • xCharts

Geo visualization

  • Google maps
  • Vector maps

UI interactions

  • Bootstrap carousel
  • Sortable elements
  • Popovers
  • Tooltips


  • Dialogs
  • Modals
  • Custom scrollbars
  • Slidebars panels
  • Snippets


  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Collapsable


  • Vertical list menu
  • Horizontal list menu
  • Icons list menu
  • Tabs menu
  • Tabs menu
  • Centerd list menu
  • Dropdown menu


  • Images preloader
  • Overlays
  • Loading spinners
  • Progress bars
  • Response messages


  • JGrowl notifications
  • Noty notifications
  • Loading bar


Use our interfaces to create admin dashboard templates and presentation websites

Each of our themes can be used to build not just web applications interfaces but also presentation websites.

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Admin interface examples
Front-end interface examples

Color Schemes

Each theme comes with virtually unlimited color schemes

You can easily combine different color CSS classes to create new styles, beside the default ones.

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